Tarot readings - Louise Dollin "I was flabbergasted by my Birth Tarot Chart online, so much that I did it for my three daughters and my husband. It's a beautiful tool to help inner growth. Here is something that many people want and need. As a therapist I will be using it for my clients. Thank you."
Sophie S. - France


This unique Tarot Software gives you the opportunity to get clues and directions so that you can find and follow your heart's desire.
I created it so that you can see your Birth Tarot Cards that are attached to your name and date of birth.
This tool is like an eye opener into what you have always wanted to know about yourself.
The information you're about to get could become a major milestone in your life. It will cost you between $12 to $27 depending on the chosen options.

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Discover Your Deepest Aspiration
Discover your deepest aspiration and realize it
Tarot readings - your inner quest Your deepest aspiration is what you are longing for in life. It's what motivates your actions and defines your goals. Read more

Select "Deepest Aspiration"

Find The Power To Change Your Life
Find the power that can transform your life
Tarot readings - your transforming energy That power brings the best of you into any situations or circumstances in which you are an active player. Read more

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Know Your Best Ally
Know your best ally and team up with it
Tarot readings - your best ally The best ally is the concept of unconditional support from a quality inherent to your essence as a being. Read more

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Identify Your Inner Enemy
Identify your inner enemy and defeat it
Tarot readings - your inner enemy The inner enemy is a negative tendency that tightens you to a limited expression of your potential. Read more

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