Is he a match for me? Is she a match for me?

This is the first of a series of articles on signs of compatibility through the comparison of your Tarot Chart Sequences. Each article will explore different aspects that the concept of compatibility holds.

This is a question that consciously or unconsciously haunts most relationships. “Is he my match? Is she my match? The term “match” itself has been used for one of the most popular soul mate searches on the internet. “” gathers millions of people longing for the “right” match and looking for some reassuring signs that “yes” he or she could be the one. However, comparing the number of attempts to the successful cyber connections, it is a no brainer to say that a profile, no matter how good it looks or, how well written it might be, it won’t do it, it won’t deeply inform you about the person behind it.

What makes a relationship sustainable is not just a mere list of interests that look similar to yours. What makes a relationship capable of growth and expansion is not just a mere list of qualities that seem to be just the ones you are looking for in a life partner.

Let’s take an example. He writes on his profile: “I am an open-minded man. I am looking for a long lasting relationship. I am prepared to do what it takes to make a woman happy and fulfilled. Someone answers to that requirement and then they meet. All she finds out is that he is a bundle of unfulfilled emotional needs, afraid of his own emotions, unconscious that his car and work are the main priorities in his life. Where is the committed guy she was supposed to meet? Where are the efforts that he was prepared to offer in order to make it work?

There are two different types of profile that can deliver information about someone. The first type is the one found on websites such as The other one, is not written with words but through images, archetypes that carry the deepest layer of a human psychic structure, which influences and shapes someone’s personality. This profile is also known as “Tarot Chart Sequence,” because it’s based on the ancient wisdom carried through the Tarot 22 major arcanas.

Compatibility is a concept that refers to the quality of a long-term interaction and communication between two or more individuals in term of love, harmony, naturalness, trust and respect. The secret of compatibility is not in similarity but in the capacity to remain whole while sharing yourself, in time and space. Do you have what it takes to be around someone else’s needs without feeling depleted, left out, ignored, overwhelmed, etc… Measuring compatibility between two persons is not a simple matter. Our instinctive selective mechanism is based on emotional scars from the past and therefore not always helpful or reliable when it comes down to making a choice regarding a relationship.

The most important key word that belongs to the notion of compatibility is “long-term.” Once you find “a match” the inevitable question that arises in someone’s mind is: “Is it going to last?” What are the signs, the warnings that inform the soul mate seeker that sustainability is there or not? Will your new relationship survive the test of time?

It is first crucial to understand if you are looking in the same direction. So many people start off united and happy but over time their path splits, so does their relationship. Do you share the same horizon line? You can find out by comparing your Tarot Chart Sequences. The following information pertains to the notion of sustainability. Does your relationship have what it takes to survive the test of time?Tarot Readings by Louise Dollin

Some of the most important signs of sustainability within your relationship through your Tarot Chart Sequence are:

Your last arcana (Tarot Card) is the same
This is one of the surest signs of sustainability in your relationship. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any issues, but you’ve got what you need to deal with it. You are sharing long-term values and beliefs that will come to the rescue during challenging times in your relationship. There is a deep unity through your personal mission in life.

Any of the 3 following arcanas are at the last position in your Tarot Chart Sequences
VIII (Justice) XI (Strength) XIII (Temperance), you can expect a deep sense of harmony and a great alliance between you.

Any of the 3 following arcanas are at the last position in your Tarot Chart Sequences
Justice (VIII), the Arcana without a name (XIII) or the Sun (XVIIII), commitment to transformation from your partner is likely to exceed your expectation

The third arcana in your charts is the same
This is a sign of great collaboration in action. However, this alone doesn’t completely secure the longevity of a relationship.

The Pope (V) and Justice (VIII) are in the last position
This is a sign of solidity of contract between people.

The Hermit (VIIII) is present in the last position in one of the charts
This indicates that the need for independence will be greater than the need for union, therefore sustainability is reached through the respect of your partner or your need for independence.

The following 8 charts explore the different forms that sustainability can take within your relationship

Support of one another and trusting each other are the foundation of the sustainability of your relationship.

Reason is the sustaining force in your relationship, however love and connection are challenged

Sharing the same values and beliefs is key to your relationship

Love and passion are key to make your relationship last

Energy and creativity are essential to the viability of your relationship. Be ready for a very demanding relationship.

Enthusiasm and openness of mind bring sustainability to your relationship.

Sustainability in your relationship exists through family and home.

Movement, travel and exploration foster and nourish your relationship.

There are two important principles that you should keep in mind as you explore your relationship(s) through the lens of your Tarot Charts. First, the potential of your relationship can take the highest or the lowest form, and anything in between. In future articles, we will look into how a sign of harmony for example, can also be a sign of conflict. Needless to say that which must be cultivated in a relationship would be the down spiral if left unattended or neglected. Second, don’t take for granted the aspects or qualities that bring sustainability in your relationship. They need to be cultivated in order to be effective and they are not necessarily in easy reach.

This quick analysis or overview can help you at an early stage of your relationship to decipher if indeed the communication is going to remain easy and harmonious. It might also support you to listen to your intuition. If indeed you have already been in a relationship for a while, this information can help you to keep nourishing what brings sustainability to it or to explain why things are not really working for you.

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Posted on July 31st, 2011

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