Pluto retrograde through September 18, 2012

A time for groundbreaking self-discoveries!

How to go about it and how to uncover the inner treasures of the deepest part of your mind is not always easy. Pluto stimulates and urges you to investigate and assess any limiting patterns.  Where to start? There are many tools and right here, there is one. It’s called “Tarot Chart” a specific sequence made of five major arcanas that describes you at an archetypal level and we could say at a plutonian level, the underground forces that map your destiny if remained unconscious. This tool offers you the possibility to start the journey of understanding this inner cartography. It’s a perfect time with Pluto retrograde to go for it. Click here to know more.

In aparte for those who know their Tarot Chart Sequence and their year vibration for 2012:

If you personally are in a year 13 or have the arcana without-a-name (XIII) at the end of your Tarot Chart Sequence, this is an intense but blessed period for you. The powers of reconfiguration are deeply at work within you. Take it seriously and accept the journey into the abyss of your being as insights and breakthroughs flash on your mind screen. They are the precursor signs of a profound regeneration.


Période de découvertes personnelles détentrice de grandes transformations

Procéder à la découverte des trésors intérieurs de la partie la plus profonde de votre esprit n’est pas toujours facile. Jusqu’au 18 septembre, Pluton vous encourage et vous pousse à sonder et à évaluer tout schéma réducteur. Par où commencer? Les outils sont nombreux et vous en trouverez un ici . C’est “Le Chemin de vie” une suite spécifique composée de cinq arcanes majeurs,  qui vous décrit à un niveau archétypique, nous pourrions dire à un niveau plutonien, et dont les forces secrètes tracent votre destinée si celles-ci demeurent inconscientes. Cet outil vous offre la possibilité d’entreprendre le voyage vers la compréhension de votre  cartographie intérieure. C’est une bonne période avec Pluton rétrograde de tenter la découverte de votre chemin de vie.

Cliquer ici pour en savoir plus.

Un aparté pour ceux qui connaissent les arcanes de leur Chemin de vie et leur année de vibration pour 2012:

Si vous êtes personnellement dans une année 13 ou si vous avez l’arcane sans nom (XIII) en dernière position dans votre Chemin de vie, cette période est/sera pour vous intense mais privilégiée. Les forces de restructuration sont profondément à l’oeuvre en vous. Prenez le au sérieux et acceptez le voyage dans les abysses de votre être au fur et à mesure que les compréhensions et les prises de conscience surgissent sur l’écran de votre esprit. Elles sont les signes précurseurs d’une régénération profonde. [lang_fr]

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Posted on April 12th, 2012

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Information Saturation

Why saturation is not the sister-in-word of fullness or plenitude? Interestingly, “to saturate” has the same root than “to satiate” which means to be satisfied. And yet information seems never enough, always something else to watch, to read, to blog, to write, etc… Could a parallel been drawn between food for the body and food for the mind? Do we eat more food if what we put in our stomach is deprived of the essential nutrients that the body needs to function and be healthy? Do we need more info because we are craving for true soul nourishment? Does what we give our minds to chew on lead us to saturation or satiety?

What’s your experience?


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Posted on April 10th, 2012

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The Full Pink Moon of April 2012

The full moon will be on April 6 or 7 depending on which side of the earth you are roaming then.

The Aries Sun will oppose The Libra Moon.

Let the full moon illuminates the creative tension between authenticity and tact.



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Posted on April 4th, 2012

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Eight out of then people do not follow their heart’s desire!


The answer is quite simple: because they don’t know it. Here, you can find a way to get many clues and directions to finally find it. Click here to get to this unique Tarot Software which will calculate your Tarot Chart from which valuable information and directions are given.

Along with that interesting fact, 98% of people don’t follow their intuitions because they don’t trust themselves and in return don’t access the support that could be right before their eyes right now.

Something to contemplate….

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Posted on April 3rd, 2012

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